About Us


Weirdo cafe is a restaurant that is founded by a bunch of people who have very weird and special ideas.

These founders all think that delicious cuisine should not be bounded by a country’s restrictions, instead, it should combine the merit of different country’s cuisine to make a brand new different flavored creative cuisine just like how Canada is a country that combines cultures from different countries all around the world.

Weirdo cafe’s menu includes risotto, spaghetti, coffee, specially made drinks, honey toasters, alcoholic drinks, etc…We offer western cuisines that also combine eastern elements and style to create a different type of flavor. To many people who are used to just one type of cuisine from a restaurant, the founders who decided to combine different cuisines together may seem like weirdos to them.

For the Chinese “我有毒 (wo you du)” meaning “I have poison” is a homonym to Weirdo. It signifies that our cuisine can be addictive and unforgettable as our customers will continue to keep wanting more and more servings after a bite.

By coming to Weirdo cafe, you can relax and enjoy your meal with your family and friends.

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Address: 6459 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC, V5P 3X5

Tel: 604.559.8836